Changelog July 22nd, 2016

The Kobolds have been hard at work on the website!

  • The site is now mulitlingual. Use the dropdown on the right in the navigation bar to switch languages.
  • Added German translations (Thanks to DerDelphi).
  • Added French translations (Thanks to Felin).
  • Added missing hero images for Treaty of Champions
  • Added the Stewards of the Secret H&M Pack.
  • Added the Shards of Everdark H&M Pack.
  • Added a news section.
  • Added missing functionality for the "Merchants' Guild" card.
  • Fixed an issue where "Deceitful Scribe" would deduct a threat token even if the skills page returned an error.
  • Improved the look of checkboxes on the site.
  • Fixed a bug where the Archaic Scroll would award double the amount of xp of cards returned.
  • Added reward for the "Crown of Destiny" advanced quest.
  • Added reward for the "Lair of the Wyrm" advanced quest.
  • Increased the number of available Overlord cards on the skills page, based on the XP of the Overlord. It should now be possible to buy cards of multiple Levels, even if the requirements were not met when the page was loaded. Improved validation should prevent the buying of higher Level cards before prerequisites have been met.
  • SoN - Arise My Friends: It should now be possible to return lost Corrupt Citizen cards from the Box to the Overlord's cards.
  • SoN - Arise My Friends: Fixed issue where the Soulless Scythe was awarded to the overlord when winning.
  • SoN - It is now possible to indicate multiple Corrupt Citizens as defeated per quest, instead of just one. A situation like this is possible if a master Changeling was reinforced.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ferryman travel event, where it could not be saved if the heroes didn't have enough gold available.
  • Added an overview page for components (items, skills,..) so they can easily be retrieved from the game box(es) if required.
  • Added a new page which shows an overview monsters and their stats and abilities. The page allows you to filter monsters based on certain criteria. This page can also be accessed from the "Quest Info" page during a campaign, and will then be limited to only the monsters eligable for that Quest (per encounter), based on the quest traits.
  • Changed the "Country" field of a group to a dropdown. Updated as many as possible automatically, but please update this in your group's information if needed.
  • Added a password reset functionality.
  • Improved error reporting throughout the site.
  • Added images for Mists of Bilehall quests.
  • Fixed the sell price of Mace of Kellos. It is now 75 instead of 125.
  • Added a story page, which sums up the campaign so far through a collection of small texts. (Unfinished)
  • Rumors can now (optionally) be saved at the start of the campaign, as well drawn/played rumors. The old system is still in place for current campaigns and people who absolutely want to make sure the information remains secret.
  • You can now add expansions to your collection. This will pre-fill the expansion selection on the create campaign page.
  • Improved the mobile version of the website.
  • Fixed a bug where rumors wouldn't be correctly deleted when a camapign phase was deleted.
  • ...
2016-07-22 15:18:59

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