D2ETracker needs you!

Want to help out with the d2etracker website? Find out how!

There are a few areas on the site where I could use some help. If you feel like helping out feel to mail me at support@d2etracker.com! Below are the things I could use some help with.

Good at drawing?

As you might have noticed, a lot of the quest images have a placeholder image at the moment, because I'm lacking some cool artwork to use. If you are creative and are able to make some fitting images, let me know!

Good at writing stories?

The site features functionality to show a short synopsis of the history of each campaign played. What this requires is a few small pieces of text for every quest. Most of these have not been written yet. So if you are good with words and able to write some of these small stories, let me know!

Have an official translation of Descent?

If you are in possession of one of the official translations of the game (and it's expansions) and want to help out translating the site, let me know!

2016-07-22 15:00:00

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