The Shadow Rune Campaign

An overview of all components related to this campaign.

The twin baronies of Rhynn and Carthridge lie on the outskirts of Terrinoth, far from the Free Cities. Baron Greigory often hosts his friend and ally, Baron Zachareth, at his seat in the capital city of Arhynn, and, over the years the two baronies have aided one another in times of both war and peace. But now, both baronies are in peril. Monsters stalk their forests and mountains, moving with more purpose and coordination than ever before. A new Overlord is rising, a wicked and dangerous foe, hidden in the shadows, manipulating events according to his master plan. If the Overlord isn't stopped, Rhynn and Carthridge alike will fall into darkness, and the rest of Terrinoth will soon follow. Fortunately, a small group of heroes are on the road to Arhynn...



You swear undying loyalty, yet you are mortal. What can you know of commitment?

Having sworn her blade to the service of Lady Tyviel, Syndrael found herself a scant century later in the awkward position of having her patron named and exiled as a traitor to the Latari elves. Lady Tyviel had the decency to formally release her subjects from their oaths, but Syndrael still found herself with no welcome throughout the Aymhelin. Having concluded that her lady could not be a traitor, Syndrael has followed her into exile. She now travels throughout Terrinoth, upholding the ideals of the Latari as she seeks her lady and an explanation for her fate.

Grisban the Thirsty

All this killing is thirsty work. Drink with me!

At first glance, Grisban's story is an old and familiar one. A dwarf from Dunwarr, Grisban has left the mountains to travel through Terrinoth, making his way as a mercenary. His skill with an axe is undeniable and his love of good, strong beer memorable. An oft-repeated joke (oft-repeated by Grisban, at least), is that no one is certain if his name should be "Grisban the Bloodthirsty" or "Grisban the Beer-thirsty." Consensus seems to have settled on simply "the Thirsty." Grisban drinks with a will and fights with a terrible rage, both seeming to hint at a darker reason for leaving his home than he has yet been willing to share.

Leoric of the Book

If my years of study have taught me anything, it is that I am worthy of the knowledge I possess.

After one too many heated arguments with the Provost, Professor Leoric of the University of Greyhaven was invited to go on an "extended sabbatical." As an adventurer, Leoric's constant references to his scholarly texts quickly earned him the sobriquet "of the Book." Leoric's sabbatical continues as the former professor applies his magical knowledge in the field and seeks out long-forgotten knowledge and wisdom.

Widow Tarha

I have nothing left to lose. Yet, there is so much more power for me to gain.

Young, beautiful, and full of joy, Tarha once seemed destined for a long, happy life in the traditional vein: a strong husband, many strong children, and a respected place in her tribe. What more could an orc maiden wish for? But after her husband was murdered by soldiers who couldn't be bothered to distinguish a law-abiding orc from a savage invader, Tarha's life turned sour. Her earlier studies in the mystic arts turned toward darkness and forbidden lores, until she might have strength enough to protect not just the orcs, but all downtrodden and oppressed peoples everywhere. Ultimately, Tarha was exiled by her tribe for her obsession, but she is now past caring. Sometimes called Tarha the Twice-Widowed, she will do anything and pay any price to achieve her goals.

Jain Fairwood

Out here in the wilds, I protect those who have misjudged me.

Although Terrinoth has enjoyed comparative peace and prosperity since the Dragon Wars, there are still a dozen small conflicts or wars every year against foes both within and without her borders. Jain Fairwood was a soldier serving under Sir Garrick Whitmore when one of those small wars claimed the lives of Sir Garrick and every man under his command... except Jain. Trapped deep within the Crimson Forest and hunted by the Uthuk, it took Jain nearly six months to escape and return to civilization. Upon her return Jain was branded a deserter, and so she turned about and vanished into the forest again. She dwells there still, emerging from the wild lands only to discharge the duty she still feels to the common folk of Terrinoth.

Tomble Burrowell

Don't think of this as you being robbed. Instead, think of it as you donating to a worthy cause.

A tinker, a tailor, a minstrel, a thief, Tomble Burrowell has wandered the roads and valleys and forests of Terrinoth for more years than most would guess, gnomes being a deceptively long-lived people. Recently, the death of his clan at the hands (or, more accurately, the talons) of a beastman war party has hardened Tomble, and beneath the quick wit and easy jokes now lies a bitter resentment and anger that pushes him to take bigger and bigger risks.


I no more understand why I can hear the spirits speak than I understand why you cannot.

One day just over a year ago, Ashrian walked out of the Whispering Forest knowing not a word of either the Common Speech or the Latari tongue. She did, however, know the uses of every herb that grows in Terrinoth, the secret ways of traveling unseen through the forest, and the language of the spirits, which can speak directly to a person's mind if they are willing to hear. Never staying in one place for more than a few days, Ashrian has traveled the length and breadth of Terrinoth, and her command of the Common Speech, Latari, and a dozen other tongues besides is now quite strong. Ashrian refuses to speak of her home, her people, or her past, declaring that instead she wishes to think of the future, and how to make it better.

Avric Albright

I pledge myself to those in need. I will be their shield, their light in the darkness.

Avric Albright spent 3 years as a soldier assigned to the Citadel of Archaut before hearing his calling. He traveled to Vynelvale to join the priesthood, but never arrived. On the way, one innocent's cry for help led to another quest to rescue a small town, to another adventure deep beneath the earth... And so it goes for Avric, a man so devoted to the principles of his religion he cannot find the time to be inducted into its holy orders. Still, none doubt his faith nor his blessings.

















First Blood

Avg. playtime: 1 hour and 30 min

Introduction - An ambushed traveling caravan draws the attention of the heroes on their way to Arhynn. An ettin named Mauler, and his minions need to be stopped, lest they reach Arhynn before the heroes do.

89% Won (Heroes) 89% Won (Heroes)
11% Won (Overlord) 11% Won (Overlord)

A Fat Goblin

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 1 - Goblins have kidnapped some villagers during a raid on the farmlands north of Arhynn. Splig, King of All Goblins, means to find out who among them is the Shadow Binder, and he doesn't plan on asking nicely.

66% Won (Heroes) 66% Won (Heroes)
34% Won (Overlord) 34% Won (Overlord)

The Monster's Hoard

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 - In return for saving him from the King of All Goblins, Frederick offers to take the heroes to the location of a bow called Trueshot. They just need to manage wresting it out of the Overlord's minions' hands.

78% Won (Heroes) 78% Won (Heroes)
22% Won (Overlord) 22% Won (Overlord)

The Frozen Spire

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - Fredrick, one of the Shadow Binders, is being held prisoner in the Frozen Spire. He would be a valuable asset if the heroes managed to save him, but for that, they must first climb up the mountains slopes and face Ruin, the dragon that inhabits them.

46% Won (Heroes) 46% Won (Heroes)
54% Won (Overlord) 54% Won (Overlord)

Castle Daerion

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 1 - Sir Alric has launched a nighttime raid on Castle Daerion and a nearby town. Can the heroes save the towns villagers and rally them to the defence of the Shadow Binder know as Sir Palamon?

72% Won (Heroes) 72% Won (Heroes)
28% Won (Overlord) 28% Won (Overlord)

The Dawnblade

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - Believing the Dawnblade will play an essential role in the events to follow, Sir Palamon tasks you with retreiving it from it's resting place in the tomb of Sir Arcite. But can the heroes keep it out of Sir Alric Farrow's hands?

41% Won (Heroes) 41% Won (Heroes)
59% Won (Overlord) 59% Won (Overlord)

The Desecrated Tomb

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - Still reeling from the death of Sir Palamon, Baron Greigory asks the heroes to prevent Sir Palamons' old sword, the Dawnblade, from falling into the hands of Sir Alric Farrow.

55% Won (Heroes) 55% Won (Heroes)
45% Won (Overlord) 45% Won (Overlord)

The Cardinal's Plight

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 1 - Lord Merrick Farrow is raising an army of Zombies in order to kill Cardinal Koth, one of the Shadow Binders. Unless stopped Lord Merrick will surely succeed, and a powerful relic called the Staff of Light falls into his hands.

43% Won (Heroes) 43% Won (Heroes)
57% Won (Overlord) 57% Won (Overlord)

Enduring the Elements

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - The wards protecting the temple housing the powerful elemental artifacts known as the Four Storms are fading and Lord Merrick Farrow has discovered it's location.

70% Won (Heroes) 70% Won (Heroes)
30% Won (Overlord) 30% Won (Overlord)

The Ritual of Shadows

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - Lord Merrick Farrow is using the Staff of Shadows in an attempt to perform a dire ritual. Putting a halt to this ritual would thwart the Overlord's plans and could give the heroes another chance at obtaining the Staff of Light.

23% Won (Heroes) 23% Won (Heroes)
77% Won (Overlord) 77% Won (Overlord)

The Masquerade Ball

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 1 - The masquerade ball at Lord Theodir's estate provides a perfect opportunity for Lady Eliza and her minions to mingle among the guests. Too late to warn the Shadow Binder, can the heroes save him instead?

35% Won (Heroes) 35% Won (Heroes)
65% Won (Overlord) 65% Won (Overlord)

Blood of Heroes

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 2 - Baron Zachareth's old steward might provide invaluable information about Zachareth's fortress. Reaching the man's cabin, however, they find him being held by Lady Eliza. Can the exiled steward still be saved?

82% Won (Heroes) 82% Won (Heroes)
18% Won (Overlord) 18% Won (Overlord)

The Twin Idols

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 -

56% Won (Heroes) 56% Won (Heroes)
44% Won (Overlord) 44% Won (Overlord)

Death on the Wing

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 1 - Shipments have ceased arriving from the silver mines, putting severe strain on the treasury of Arhynn. The Greystone watchtower overlooking the mines might be a good place to start investigating.

75% Won (Heroes) 75% Won (Heroes)
25% Won (Overlord) 25% Won (Overlord)

The Wyrm Turns

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 -

63% Won (Heroes) 63% Won (Heroes)
37% Won (Overlord) 37% Won (Overlord)

The Wyrm Rises

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 2 -

51% Won (Heroes) 51% Won (Heroes)
49% Won (Overlord) 49% Won (Overlord)

The Shadow Vault

Avg. playtime: 4 hours

Interlude - The heroes manage to locate one half of The Shadow Rune, a runestone used to bind a being called Gryvorn. Can the heroes retreive it safely from the Shadow Vault, now that an unexpected foe has arrived?

55% Won (Heroes) 55% Won (Heroes)
45% Won (Overlord) 45% Won (Overlord)

The Overlord Revealed

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Interlude - Baron Zachareth has set off to find The Shadow Rune, a runestone used to bind a being called Gryvorn. Sent out to assist Zachareth's soldiers at the Shadow Vault, the heroes arrive to find only minions of the Overlord awaiting them.

34% Won (Heroes) 34% Won (Heroes)
66% Won (Overlord) 66% Won (Overlord)

Gryvorn Unleashed

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Finale -

84% Won (Heroes) 84% Won (Heroes)
16% Won (Overlord) 16% Won (Overlord)

The Man Who Would Be King

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Finale -

31% Won (Heroes) 31% Won (Heroes)
69% Won (Overlord) 69% Won (Overlord)



wilderness dark

25% 25% of Encounters

Baron Zachareth


6% 6% of Encounters



8% 8% of Encounters

Cave Spiders

wilderness cave


20% 20% of Encounters


cold hot


7% 7% of Encounters


mountain cave

28% 28% of Encounters

Flesh Moulders

cursed civilized

22% 22% of Encounters

Goblin Archers

building cave

46% 46% of Encounters

Lady Eliza Farrow


10% 10% of Encounters

Lord Merick Farrow

13% 13% of Encounters


wilderness water


9% 9% of Encounters

Shadow Dragons

dark cave

15% 15% of Encounters

Sir Alric Farrow

10% 10% of Encounters


12% 12% of Encounters


cursed building

diseased immobilized

24% 24% of Encounters