Crown of Destiny Campaign

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Legends tell of a strange treasure known as the Crown of Destiny. Once mastered, this artifact could change a person's fate, remaking the past and rewriting the future. For eons, the Crown's location was lost. But now, its location has resurfaced, and for those brave enough to face a fiery ordeal and battle primal chaos itself, the power to reforge fate is at hand!



I don't hold grudges. I keep short accounts. Now fight me!

Although Corbinís quick temper has left him few friends, those who walk beside him call him fierce, loyal, and brave. When he pursues a goal, he does so with unwavering tenacity, never allowing small things like broken ribs or arrow wounds to distract him from his goals. Corbinís companions may find themselves in battles that could normally be avoided, but Corbinís skill with weapons is more than sufficient to bring them safely out of danger again.

Jaes the Exile

Courage and sacrifice means nothing! We must overcome or die in shame.

The markings that brand Jaes bear dire warnings. No one is to offer the wizard food, water, shelter, nor any other aid, punishable by death. Merchants may buyand sell goods with him but only at a distance. Jaes committed no crime to earn his fate. His elders once fought bravely in the Dragon Wars, but were nearly wiped out at a crucial time. Now, as a punishment for their failure, his kind must bear the markings for all time.


I have been here before and watched darkness triumph. It will not happen again.

"The many years of an elfís life can weigh heavily upon him. From village to village I have wandered, hearing the sad tales of lost children, spouses, friends, and loved ones who have thrown their lives away seeking gold in the depths of Dragonfire Dungeon. That wretched place has brought sorrow and loss to so many hearts... I will endure it no longer. Once and for all, those deadly halls must be emptied of their treasures. No more will loved ones dig their own graves in a foolís quest for ancient gold." #enter Despite an otherwise youthful appearance, Lindelís weary eyes betray the years he has wandered the world. In his travels, Lindel witnessed such suffering and sorrow that he can no longer stand by idly, instead using his subtle skills to put an end to injustice and misery wherever he finds it.

Brother Gherinn

We must suffer and purge our souls unto life, for the flame shall be our judge.

"The priests of Kellos took me in and gave me shelter. They asked me nothing of the many heinous crimes in my past. But like all members of the Brotherhood, in time I had to face the purifying fire, and all my many transgressions became evident in the form of scars and burns over much of my body. I am a different man, now. I follow a different path, but I cannot forget my past. Only an act of true bravery, facing Dragonfire Dungeon and bringing back valuables for my brethren, will free me from the shadows of my past." #enter Brother Gherinn is a priest of great faith, and he believes that only by facing the dangers of the dungeon can he cleanse his soul. As a priest of Kellos, Brother Gherinn is no stranger to searing flames. #enter Beneath his mask, Brother Gherinnís face is scarred by the terrible burns inflicted on him by a ritual of purification. He never speaks of the man he was before that fiery ordeal, instead simply claiming that the agony was a small price to pay to gain control over his own dark nature. He now uses his mastery of unknowable energies to heal those in need and vanquish the wicked, hoping to wash away the crimes of his past. By climbing to the height of the mystical mountain, Brother Gherinn may finally find true redemption.


Burning Harvest

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 1 -

48% Won (Heroes) 48% Won (Heroes)
52% Won (Overlord) 52% Won (Overlord)

Crown of Destiny

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 2 -

75% Won (Heroes) 75% Won (Heroes)
25% Won (Overlord) 25% Won (Overlord)


Chaos Beasts

dark cursed

1% 1% of Encounters


mountain wilderness


2% 2% of Encounters

Lava Beetles

hot cave

1% 1% of Encounters