Conversion Kit Campaign

An overview of all components related to this campaign.


Laughin Buldar

Courage, my brothers! Surrender yourselves to the joy of battle and we shall meet our destiny together!

Elder Mok

The spirits are angry. I am angry too. When we get angry, people get hurt.

Gifted from birth by an unknown power, Mok has always been set apart. His impressive size and intellect gave him a distinct advantage on the battlefield and in the council tent, and he became an influential leader in his tribe early. He lost much of his favor, however, when he began to spread a message of peace and reconciliation. His message was despised and rejected, and Mok was cast out, but he still brings his words to any who will listen.

Tobin Farslayer

It matters not how far away you are. My bow can reach you.

One Fist

I've fought many battles and seen the worst the world has to offer. Do your worst. I have no fear.

Arvel Worldwalker

This land is harsh and terrible, I grant you. But I have seen as harsh before and lived.


Smash it. Crush it. If that doesn't work, smash it and crush it again.

"Why should I worry? Haven’t found a fight yet that left me on the ground. So you say Dragonfire Dungeon is the deadliest in the realm? Heh! To me the dungeon is just another collection of things to hit and one more trophy to claim. If I need to grab some gold to get them to notice me, so be it. But the hitting, that’s the important bit."

Varikas the Dead

I have already died for freedom once before. If I must die again, I will not die alone.


Karnon needs no help from little man. Karnon is Karnon.

Nanok of the Blade

To wear armor is to fear that a foe might strike me. It is cowardice. I am no coward.


Humans have called us monsters throughout the ages, but we know who the real beasts are.


Battle is a dance of blades and wit.

Nara the Fang

I leap, I attack, I stab, I kill!

Nara the Fang emerged from the darkness one night, a masked avenger driving bandits and rogues away from a loose collection of country villages. Suspicious and grateful in turns, the inhabitants of these settlements have made Nara a heated topic of gossip. They swear she can leap from rooftop to rooftop as she dispenses violent justice against the transgressor. Her true identity is frequently debated. The only hint comes from Nara’s namesake – her own missing fang. Now, the newly forged alliance between ogres and trolls threatens the villages that Nara has sworn to protect. She’ll do whatever it takes to destroy these monsters and safeguard her people.

Sir Valadir

Ours is a noble crusade! We will fight gloriously and die with honor!

As an inspiration to his companions, Sir Valadir is responsible not just for the safety of his comrades' bodies, but also for their waning spirits. In the face of unthinkable horrors, he is the first to proclaim that there is no way his allies' bones will join those of the heroes who surely came before. Of course, Sir valadir has developed a certain reputation among adventurers, and though he's never heard it himself, he is quite confident it must be impeccable.

Hugo the Glorious

The songs of my name and my triumphs should be heard in every corner of the world.

"I, Hugo the Glorious, plan to achieve an enduring fame unlike anything that has been known before. Other Knights of Kellos might be happy enough to boast of duels won or giants defeated, but I will put these stories to shame when I stand in the feast hall and tell of the perils within Dragonfire Dungeon. When I display the priceless relics recovered from the depths below, men will gasp, women will swoon, and children with cower with terror. No one who hears of my legendary quest will ever forget the name Hugo the Glorious!"

Vyrah the Falconer

My loyal falcon sees far.

Vyrah worked for a prestigious household as a falconer for many years. As a reward for his service, he was given first pick of falcon hatchlings, and he chose Skye. When the manor caught ablaze, it was Skye's screeches that woke Vyrah. Between Skye's warning and Vyrah's fast thinking, many of the birds and people were saved that night. Vyrah found strength and resolve he had never known, and devoted himself to saving others.


Humans fear us, and we despise them.

Screams of terror are nothing unique for Ispher: they follow him to each new town and village. He has been mistaken for a bandit, a monster, and most memorably, the incarnation of a spirit that ate disobedient children. Often attacked or turned away, only the wise find a brilliant healer with a caustic sense of humor. No stranger to irony, Ispher has commonly saved those who mocked him just an hour earlier. Now, Ispher has but one goal: to use his arts to destroy the true, unbridled cruelty of the overlord.

Red Scorpion

Balance is the essence of success. To succeed, one must be balanced in all things.


Ah, the rare Quixinlan Rune Harness I've read about! What a joy to see such wonders in person.


Can't hit what you can't catch!

Few of the fae from the Aenlong are seen and fewer are known; their race is caught up in the concerns of their chaotic realm. Even among her own people, Zyla is an oddity. She flits capriciously into the realm of Terrinoth, appearing in unlikely and impossible places to strike down her foes with bloody and malicious glee. Though her purpose is her own, she makes a cheerful and deadly companion and she’s eager to pit her strength against a demon lord.

Truthseer Kel

I see what others cannot, and into places others dare not.

Powerful and strange, the young sorceress known as Kel is a mystery to those around her. Many arrogant fools have sealed their fate by believing that her blindness is equivalent to weakness. Aside from the vibrant and powerful displays of magic she wields, Kel often displays an uncanny ability to look beyond present events. Whether she answers a question that has not yet been asked or predicts the actions of her enemies, Kel is a disturbingly helpful ally.

Master Thorn

You can't see the path I walk, because they were not meant to be tread.

It is an honor for any acolyte from the order of Kellos to serve in the Vynelvalve cathedral. There, Master Thorn's faith and magical prowess bloomed underneath the lessons of his betters. But when he claimed to be receiving visions and guidance from Kellos himself, the priests labeled him a liar and cast him from their order. Now, Master Thorn walks the path his god reveals to him, whether it's on this plane or the next.


My people are at one with nature.

Landrec the Wise

Wisdom comes with age, but knowledge must always be searched for.

Mad Carthos

If it's madness you seek power at any cost, then yes, you may call me mad.

Okaluk and Rakash

You know my answer already, old friend. I could never abandon you.

Jonas the Kind

Surrender. It's never too late to repent!

In stark contrast to his present career as a hero, Jonas was raised a thief and assassin in the great cities of Terrinoth. Although his crew targeted the corrupt nobility, Jonas hated his shady and unforgiving life. After the particularly gory slaughter of a noble family, he left it all behind. Joining the order of a remote temple, Jonas found peace and joy in the tight structure of his training, and he now denies his past the right to haunt him. A new path lies before him, one that leads through many lands, always defending the weak and supporting the just.


Knowing how to find things helps keep one hidden. And I know how to find anything...

Grey Ker

If justice is the shadow of a setting sun, I am the midnight that follows.

A hungry childhood on the streets taught Grey Ker that even the most despicable wretch might be kind to children and a priest might steal from the poor. In adulthood, he lives by a simple code: justice is forged, not found. However, the justice that he employs is often beyond the scope of the transgression, causing many, even his own brother, to denounce his deeds. Regardless, there are many who still work alongside Grey Ker, a man of undeniable results.

Bogran the Shadow

I am a deadly wind, invisible and inescapable. You cannot see me, but you can see where I have been.


All I accomplish, every enemy I vanquish, is to the glory of my ancestors.

"The roots of my noble family can be traced back to the Dragon Wars and beyond. Some of the treasures stolen by Kalladra to lure fortune-seekers into the dungeon came from my ancestors. The knowledge that the detestable beast Kalladra is still alive and in the midst of so much of my inheritance has vexed me my whole life. I will use all of my considerable abilities to ensure that Kalladra deprives my family of our heirlooms no longer." #enter Long ago, Challara’s ancestors lost their most priceless heirlooms to a vile dragon. Though her family endured, the indignity of the theft has weighed on Challara since her youth. She left her home and tamed the dragon Brightblaze to flaunt her superiority over her ancient enemy, and one day she will march on the evil dragon’s hoard to prove her skills and reclaim her family’s valuables with interest. For now, however, Challara and Brightblaze support the search for another treasure: the branch from the Tree of Life!

Ronan of the Wild

The forest is stirring… but we’re prepared for anything.

On the night of a great storm, a small band of soldiers took shelter from the rain and lightning in a large cave. While Ronan scouted the area outside, deep elves seized the rest of his company for trespassing. Ronan returned to the signs of struggle and immediately set off in pursuit of his captured compatriots. That night, Ronan earned a heroic reputation and an early resignation from the militia. Since then, he has sought peace among the sprawling greenery of the forest – but if a branch from the Tree of Life truly exists, it must be found and preserved for the sake of all living things.

Brother Glyr

Keep moving, ye hear? I'll not leave a one of ye behind!


I will journey where my tribe will not go and hunt that which no one else dares to hunt.

"In the dark and untamed places of Terrinoth dwells my tribe, a proud and fierce sisterhood of warriors. For ages, we have stood self-sufficient and have had no need for the world of men. But each day the outside world encroaches further into our wilds. I have seen their weapons and magical artifacts. I have seen the treasures that could ensure my sisters will survive when we can no longer stand apart from the outside world. The others in my tribe say I am a fool, but once I have enough gold, I will return to my people with magic and steel. A fool I may be, but my sisters must survive."


Fools are fools, no matter where they are. They never see me coming.

There was a time when the slums of Irram became infected with strange and wicked cults. The poor became slaves, the temples closed their doors, and the city rotted from within. Leading a small band of vigilantes, night after night Tahlia would storm basements and back rooms, searching out the cultists. She would pass over the wicked like a shadow, disappearing into the night before a body could hit the ground.


The Rune Keepers said I was too unruly to be taught, so all I needed to know I've learned on my own.

In each generation, a few brilliant minds provide small contributions to the growth and establishment of rune magic. The decades of dedication necessary for this task never interested Astarra, who preferred a quicker, more direct path. Even after being expelled from the University of Greyhaven for knowing far more than she should, Astarra continued to develop her gift by seeking out Runemasters who would share their secrets.


Sometimes ever I don't know just where I will strike next.

When the Cult of the Forgotten was first born, nine of Terrinoth’s most talented and experienced assassins were given the task of infiltrating the cult of the Forgotten and slaying its leader. Within a month, all but Tetherys had been rooted out and killed. For thirteen years, she devoted herself to the cult and its practices, working her way higher in the ranks. Few believed it was truly her when she reemerged, but the cult splintered and died within days. After, Tetherys wandered the world, but the cult’s resurrection gives her the challenge of ending its threat forever.

Andira Runehand

Heroes are nothing without brave friends.

When Andira Runehand first charged headlong into the demonic horde at Silverholt, everyone believed she was a direct sign of divine intervention. Raising her hand and banner high, she scattered the Uthuk Y’llan vanguard without striking a single blow. The rune incised upon her palm was proof of her supernatural gifting, and now, her authoritative teachings fill her companions with courage as they battle the evil cult of the Forgotten.

Trenloe the Strong

Nothing will stand in the way of my ultimate quest!

Many mistakenly attribute Trenloe’s title to his abilities: to march for days without rest or to cleave through iron plate with one blow. But it is Trenloe’s determination and undying loyalty to his friends, that has earned him his name. His comrades may joke that his greatest skill is stubbornness, but if asked to pick a man to guard their backs, it is always Trenloe the Strong.


My sins were grievous, but I have repented for millennia. How long was I meant to suffer for my crimes?

Shiver forgot his true name centuries ago. He knows he did terrible things in service to his mistress. He knows that somewhere along the line he must have learned to regret the pain he caused. Now regret is all he knows. Can he possibly be redeemed for things he can no longer remember? If so, he only has one chance, and he must make good on it now or walk in sorrow across the frozen wastes for all eternity. #enter It is widely believed that Shiver’s origins are connected to the Shadow Tear and the fall of the Daewyl elves. However, even he cannot confirm this. His earliest memories are punishment and penance, with nothing prior. A desperate and sorrowful soul, Shiver exemplifies humble service among friends and reckless abandon in a fight, giving his all to earn the forgiveness and peace he desires more than anything else.

Laurel of Bloodwood

No matter what you hear, it was our bows that gave my home its name, not the autumn winds.

It was Laurel’s ancestors that soaked the barren plains of Di’zon with the blood of 10,000 barbaric invaders. Returning the following morning, the elven defenders found saplings as red as scarlet had sprung up, covering the entire expanse. Laurel is proud of her heritage: having fulfilled her years of service, she now travels the world, displaying the skill and cunning that belongs to a sister of Bloodwood.


The only way I'll stop fightin' is if I take you down with me!

Although Corbin’s quick temper has left him few friends, those who walk beside him call him fierce, loyal, and brave. When he pursues a goal, he does so with unwavering tenacity, never allowing small things like broken ribs or arrow wounds to distract him from his goals. Corbin’s companions may find themselves in battles that could normally be avoided, but Corbin’s skill with weapons is more than sufficient to bring them safely out of danger again.

Jaes the Exile

The dragon Wars almost destroyed my people. I will die before I let that happen again.

The markings that brand Jaes bear dire warnings. No one is to offer the wizard food, water, shelter, nor any other aid, punishable by death. Merchants may buyand sell goods with him but only at a distance. Jaes committed no crime to earn his fate. His elders once fought bravely in the Dragon Wars, but were nearly wiped out at a crucial time. Now, as a punishment for their failure, his kind must bear the markings for all time.


There is so much sorrow in the world, I do what I may to end the cruelty that plagues this land.

"The many years of an elf’s life can weigh heavily upon him. From village to village I have wandered, hearing the sad tales of lost children, spouses, friends, and loved ones who have thrown their lives away seeking gold in the depths of Dragonfire Dungeon. That wretched place has brought sorrow and loss to so many hearts... I will endure it no longer. Once and for all, those deadly halls must be emptied of their treasures. No more will loved ones dig their own graves in a fool’s quest for ancient gold." #enter Despite an otherwise youthful appearance, Lindel’s weary eyes betray the years he has wandered the world. In his travels, Lindel witnessed such suffering and sorrow that he can no longer stand by idly, instead using his subtle skills to put an end to injustice and misery wherever he finds it.

Brother Gherinn

I must strive to fight darkness, lest I be overtaken by the darkness that dwells within me.

"The priests of Kellos took me in and gave me shelter. They asked me nothing of the many heinous crimes in my past. But like all members of the Brotherhood, in time I had to face the purifying fire, and all my many transgressions became evident in the form of scars and burns over much of my body. I am a different man, now. I follow a different path, but I cannot forget my past. Only an act of true bravery, facing Dragonfire Dungeon and bringing back valuables for my brethren, will free me from the shadows of my past." #enter Brother Gherinn is a priest of great faith, and he believes that only by facing the dangers of the dungeon can he cleanse his soul. As a priest of Kellos, Brother Gherinn is no stranger to searing flames. #enter Beneath his mask, Brother Gherinn’s face is scarred by the terrible burns inflicted on him by a ritual of purification. He never speaks of the man he was before that fiery ordeal, instead simply claiming that the agony was a small price to pay to gain control over his own dark nature. He now uses his mastery of unknowable energies to heal those in need and vanquish the wicked, hoping to wash away the crimes of his past. By climbing to the height of the mystical mountain, Brother Gherinn may finally find true redemption.

Lord Hawthorne

If you decide to flee from me, you better hope you flee far enough.

Years ago, Lord Hawthorne and his men lay under siege in Seragart. When they poured from the city gates in a final sortie, few expected victory. But the throng of barbarians fell beneath Lord Hawthorne’s blade, leaving their sorcerous warlord scrambling to retreat. Lord Hawthorne pursued the rout and closed in on the dark mage, but only severed a corner of his cloak. Lord Hawthorne swore then that his opponents would never again escape his blade. He has never broken his oath, and now he has sworn to protect the city of Deephall or die in the attempt!


You call me beast. You call me animal. But I call you coward.

Mordrog has long fought to defend Terrinoth, but no matter how many monsters he slays, he remains unable to teach humans the true superiority of orcish nature. From his hunts in the Mountains of Despair to battles before Nerekhall’s gates, his accomplishments are ignored in favor of inferior human heroes. Such prejudice does not trouble Mordrog, however. He simply pities the humans for their weakness and lack of warrior spirit. When Mordrog picks his target, he pursues it with dogged tenacity and unrelenting force.


Shhh... This will only hurt for a moment.

In her work as an assassin, she only killed at dawn. The sunset before the assassination, her victims received a scrap of paper bearing the image of her iconic blade. Many mistook this sigil as a last warning, a final opportunity to flee or make amends. But after a long night of futile flight or pleading, Silhouette materialized at daybreak, a dark figure shrouded in the brilliance of the rising sun. Though she sports a checkered past, she now turns her skills against the minions of the overlord, eager to defend the innocent people of Deephall.


Special powers are all well and good, but there are other paths to fame.

As the youngest of seven brothers, Sahla spent much of his childhood imitating his elder siblings. When he was only fourteen, he set out on a pilgrimage of self-discovery to the Blessed Valley, and while drinking from a stream, he saw his own reflection fade from the water. From that moment, he knew that healing other’s afflictions and drawing upon their strengths led to his fullest power.


Bane Spiders

dark cave

immobilized poisoned

0% 0% of Encounters


mountain wilderness

0% 0% of Encounters

Blood Apes

hot cave

0% 0% of Encounters

Chaos Beasts

dark cursed

0% 0% of Encounters

Crypt Dragons

dark cursed


0% 0% of Encounters

Dark Priests

civilized cursed

0% 0% of Encounters

Deep Elves

dark cave

0% 0% of Encounters

Demon Lords

hot cursed

0% 0% of Encounters


cave water


0% 0% of Encounters


mountain wilderness


0% 0% of Encounters


mountain building

0% 0% of Encounters


hot cursed

0% 0% of Encounters

Ice Wyrms

cold cave

0% 0% of Encounters


building cave

0% 0% of Encounters

Lava Beetles

hot ranged

0% 0% of Encounters


wilderness dark


0% 0% of Encounters


cursed building

immobilized poisoned stunned

0% 0% of Encounters


water cave

immobilized poisoned

0% 0% of Encounters


building cave

0% 0% of Encounters


wilderness cave


0% 0% of Encounters


dark cursed

0% 0% of Encounters

Skeleton Archers

cursed civilized

0% 0% of Encounters


civilized building

0% 0% of Encounters


mountain cave

0% 0% of Encounters


cold cave

0% 0% of Encounters