Treaty of Champions Campaign

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Years ago, a band of legendary champions united to bind a terrible demon and keep it from ravaging the realm of Terrinoth. These champions have recently disappeared into the haunted lands of the south, however, and the magical bonds that imprison the demon are fading. If you would protect Terrinoth from danger, you must gather a band of champions to equal those who came before and face dangers that none have yet encountered.



Hit 'em hard. If they're still standing, hit 'em again--harder.

"Why should I worry? Haven’t found a fight yet that left me on the ground. So you say Dragonfire Dungeon is the deadliest in the realm? Heh! To me the dungeon is just another collection of things to hit and one more trophy to claim. If I need to grab some gold to get them to notice me, so be it. But the hitting, that’s the important bit."


Pursue me all you want; we’ll meet when and where I decide – and there you will die.

Few of the fae from the Aenlong are seen and fewer are known; their race is caught up in the concerns of their chaotic realm. Even among her own people, Zyla is an oddity. She flits capriciously into the realm of Terrinoth, appearing in unlikely and impossible places to strike down her foes with bloody and malicious glee. Though her purpose is her own, she makes a cheerful and deadly companion and she’s eager to pit her strength against a demon lord.

Jonas the Kind

My place is between you and the innocent. You have one chance to lay down your blade.

In stark contrast to his present career as a hero, Jonas was raised a thief and assassin in the great cities of Terrinoth. Although his crew targeted the corrupt nobility, Jonas hated his shady and unforgiving life. After the particularly gory slaughter of a noble family, he left it all behind. Joining the order of a remote temple, Jonas found peace and joy in the tight structure of his training, and he now denies his past the right to haunt him. A new path lies before him, one that leads through many lands, always defending the weak and supporting the just.

Grey Ker

I'm not the thin line between black and white... I'm the thin line between your life and your death.

A hungry childhood on the streets taught Grey Ker that even the most despicable wretch might be kind to children and a priest might steal from the poor. In adulthood, he lives by a simple code: justice is forged, not found. However, the justice that he employs is often beyond the scope of the transgression, causing many, even his own brother, to denounce his deeds. Regardless, there are many who still work alongside Grey Ker, a man of undeniable results.


Sindaea's Secret

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 1 -

81% Won (Heroes) 81% Won (Heroes)
19% Won (Overlord) 19% Won (Overlord)

Treaty of Champions

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 -

86% Won (Heroes) 86% Won (Heroes)
14% Won (Overlord) 14% Won (Overlord)


Crow Hags

dark civilized

1% 1% of Encounters

Demon Lords

hot cursed

1% 1% of Encounters

Skeleton Archers

cursed civilized

1% 1% of Encounters