Heirs of Blood Campaign

An overview of all components related to this campaign.

The lost heir to the kingdom of Saradyn has come forth, but without protection, he will surely fall prey to the deadly temptations of Lady Eliza Farrow, a vampire and the rival claimant to the kingdom. Only the swords of Terrinoth's heroes can protect the heir and lead him safely to his rightful throne!


Acolyte of Saradyn

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Introduction - Goblins and barghests swarm a near-defenseless group of travelers. The heroes must cut off the monster reinforcements and break their morale before the beasts lay waste to the entire caravan.

61% Won (Heroes) 61% Won (Heroes)
39% Won (Overlord) 39% Won (Overlord)

Rellegar's Rest

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 1 - An enemy camp is positioned above the ancient tomb of Rellegar. Age-old knowledge and forgotten artifacts are hidden below, but can the heroes extract them before the ruins crumble away?

57% Won (Heroes) 57% Won (Heroes)
43% Won (Overlord) 43% Won (Overlord)

Siege of Skytower

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 1 - The ancient bastion of Skytower overlooks the southern pass with unparalleled vigilance. However, when an enemy sabotages its gates, the almighty fortification provides little advantage over the invaders.

49% Won (Heroes) 49% Won (Heroes)
51% Won (Overlord) 51% Won (Overlord)

Blood Will Tell

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 1 - The heroes rush to stop Lady Eliza's dark ritual. Can they overcome the defensive wards and hordes of undying clambering from the ground before she finishes her spell?

35% Won (Heroes) 35% Won (Heroes)
65% Won (Overlord) 65% Won (Overlord)

The Baron Returns

Avg. playtime: 5 hours

Act 1 - Baron Zachareth returns, weaving a mysterious spell of blood and suffering. The heroes must endure the barrage of hardships just long enough to thwart the Baron's work.

59% Won (Heroes) 59% Won (Heroes)
41% Won (Overlord) 41% Won (Overlord)

Archive of Arrizon

Avg. playtime: 4 hours and 30 min

Act 1 - A deserter called Arrizon has retreated deep into an ancient archive. Can the heroes defend him until hiis mission is complete, or will Eliza find what she is looking for?

57% Won (Heroes) 57% Won (Heroes)
43% Won (Overlord) 43% Won (Overlord)

Rise of Urthko

Avg. playtime: 4 hours and 30 min

Act 1 - A captain of evil is rising, a barghest infused with corrupting enchantements. Even as the heroes assault its lair, the beast grows and mutates into something beyond their ability.

24% Won (Heroes) 24% Won (Heroes)
76% Won (Overlord) 76% Won (Overlord)

Caladen's Crossing

Avg. playtime: 4 hours

Act 1 - The village burns, and the heroes must hurry to quench its fires. As the battle progresses, it becomes clear that the overlord must sacrifice one of his greatest allies in order to succeed.

86% Won (Heroes) 86% Won (Heroes)
14% Won (Overlord) 14% Won (Overlord)

From the Wreckage

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Interlude - The heroes hatch a desperate plan. They will draw Eliza out and seek to understand her plans or slay her. She is growing in power, however, and not so easy to overcome.

58% Won (Heroes) 58% Won (Heroes)
42% Won (Overlord) 42% Won (Overlord)

Saradyn in Flames

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Interlude - Alric pursues the few remaining survivors through the burning monastery. As its walls and floors give way, the heroes must scramble to aid as many as they can in their escape.

49% Won (Heroes) 49% Won (Heroes)
51% Won (Overlord) 51% Won (Overlord)

Army of Dal'Zunm

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - Cursed invaders rise again, ready to renew their assault on the valley. Only the stakes of blackwood can seal this rising army back into the graves from which they came.

36% Won (Heroes) 36% Won (Heroes)
64% Won (Overlord) 64% Won (Overlord)

Prison of Khinn

Avg. playtime: 4 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - The lair of Eliza is guarded by watchful specters and endless patrols. With stealth and haste, the heroes must find the information they are looking for before the alarm is raised.

31% Won (Heroes) 31% Won (Heroes)
69% Won (Overlord) 69% Won (Overlord)

Lord of Flame

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 - Lord Merick Farrow has initiated negotiations with a primal force slightly beyond his power. As long as no one interferes, however, he is sure he can gain the support of these creatures.

64% Won (Heroes) 64% Won (Heroes)
36% Won (Overlord) 36% Won (Overlord)

Dead or Drowning

Avg. playtime: 4 hours

Act 2 - The stone wall between the refugees and the undying army offers little aid when the dead start rising from within the camp. If their assault is not soon stopped, only the dead will remain.

61% Won (Heroes) 61% Won (Heroes)
39% Won (Overlord) 39% Won (Overlord)

Rite of the Red Dawn

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 - A ritual so evil it is never written down - who can foil such power? If the heroes can disrupt the dark lords and survive the primordial defenders, they may be able to save the child within.

75% Won (Heroes) 75% Won (Heroes)
25% Won (Overlord) 25% Won (Overlord)

Shadowfall Mountain

Avg. playtime: 6 hours

Act 2 - The dragons of Shadowfall have been recruited by Sir Alric. To break the treaty, the heroes must slay the dragon's leader... but first they must break through the horde that guards his lair.

52% Won (Heroes) 52% Won (Heroes)
48% Won (Overlord) 48% Won (Overlord)

Edge of Dawn

Avg. playtime: 4 hours

Act 2 - The valley has descended into darkness and only the Dawnblade can break the curse. Sir Alric and Lord Merick are aware of this, however, and are ready to claim the sword themselves.

47% Won (Heroes) 47% Won (Heroes)
53% Won (Overlord) 53% Won (Overlord)

Piercing Darkness

Avg. playtime: 4 hours and 30 min

Act 2 - Beneath the ground sleeps a guardian that could aid against Eliza's army. However, Lord Merick has acquired the power to slay the ageless champion, and the heroes must hurry to raise him.

62% Won (Heroes) 62% Won (Heroes)
38% Won (Overlord) 38% Won (Overlord)

Blood and Betrayal

Avg. playtime: more than 6 hours

Finale - The remnants of both armies have gathered and the final battle begins. The last defenders of Saradyn charge forward into the hordes of darkness. Deep underground, Eliza has begun her spell, ready to claim the power and authority of the lost kingdom of Saradyn.

53% Won (Heroes) 53% Won (Heroes)
47% Won (Overlord) 47% Won (Overlord)