Oath of the Outcast Campaign

An overview of all components related to this campaign.

It is said that the Tomb of the Twelve was created to hold the royal guard of an ancient lich-king. Their remains were bound in sacred linens and sealed in urns of pure silver. A lone guardian ensures that these elite warriors do not rise again. Unjustly banished, the Guardian swore to keep this burial ground in exchange for eternal life and the right to reclaim the honor that was lost.


Trenloe the Strong

I will stand when none others do. Though my body may fail, my courage will never break!

Many mistakenly attribute Trenloe’s title to his abilities: to march for days without rest or to cleave through iron plate with one blow. But it is Trenloe’s determination and undying loyalty to his friends, that has earned him his name. His comrades may joke that his greatest skill is stubbornness, but if asked to pick a man to guard their backs, it is always Trenloe the Strong.


I care not the cost or pain, nor if my judgment was just; I will work out my redemption.

Shiver forgot his true name centuries ago. He knows he did terrible things in service to his mistress. He knows that somewhere along the line he must have learned to regret the pain he caused. Now regret is all he knows. Can he possibly be redeemed for things he can no longer remember? If so, he only has one chance, and he must make good on it now or walk in sorrow across the frozen wastes for all eternity. #enter It is widely believed that Shiver’s origins are connected to the Shadow Tear and the fall of the Daewyl elves. However, even he cannot confirm this. His earliest memories are punishment and penance, with nothing prior. A desperate and sorrowful soul, Shiver exemplifies humble service among friends and reckless abandon in a fight, giving his all to earn the forgiveness and peace he desires more than anything else.

Laurel of Bloodwood

Herald and reaper, my arrow calls your name; answer with silence and blood.

It was Laurel’s ancestors that soaked the barren plains of Di’zon with the blood of 10,000 barbaric invaders. Returning the following morning, the elven defenders found saplings as red as scarlet had sprung up, covering the entire expanse. Laurel is proud of her heritage: having fulfilled her years of service, she now travels the world, displaying the skill and cunning that belongs to a sister of Bloodwood.

Elder Mok

My message is not my own. Follow my instruction or fall where you stand... You've been warned.

Gifted from birth by an unknown power, Mok has always been set apart. His impressive size and intellect gave him a distinct advantage on the battlefield and in the council tent, and he became an influential leader in his tribe early. He lost much of his favor, however, when he began to spread a message of peace and reconciliation. His message was despised and rejected, and Mok was cast out, but he still brings his words to any who will listen.


Oath of the Outcast

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 1 -

53% Won (Heroes) 53% Won (Heroes)
47% Won (Overlord) 47% Won (Overlord)

Prison of Ice and Lies

Avg. playtime: 2 hours and 30 min

Act 2 -

60% Won (Heroes) 60% Won (Heroes)
40% Won (Overlord) 40% Won (Overlord)


Bane Spiders

dark cave

immobilized poisoned

1% 1% of Encounters


mountain wilderness

1% 1% of Encounters


wilderness cave


1% 1% of Encounters