Bonds of the Wild Campaign

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For years, stories have been told of Mabinogi and the Tree of Life. In a time of plague, Mabinogi left his people to follow the tales of a tree that could heal sickness and resurrect the dead. He returned from his journey with a length of blackened wood clutched in his hands. It is said that sickness did not come to that town for many years and Mabinogi never revealed the location of the Tree of Life. As time passed the branch was lost, but recently, rumors have spread of a blackened branch hidden within a den of kobolds.


Vyrah the Falconer

If you train a falcon well, you begin to trust her more than your eyes.

Vyrah worked for a prestigious household as a falconer for many years. As a reward for his service, he was given first pick of falcon hatchlings, and he chose Skye. When the manor caught ablaze, it was Skye's screeches that woke Vyrah. Between Skye's warning and Vyrah's fast thinking, many of the birds and people were saved that night. Vyrah found strength and resolve he had never known, and devoted himself to saving others.

Ronan of the Wild

There's something unnatural stirring in the forest.

On the night of a great storm, a small band of soldiers took shelter from the rain and lightning in a large cave. While Ronan scouted the area outside, deep elves seized the rest of his company for trespassing. Ronan returned to the signs of struggle and immediately set off in pursuit of his captured compatriots. That night, Ronan earned a heroic reputation and an early resignation from the militia. Since then, he has sought peace among the sprawling greenery of the forest – but if a branch from the Tree of Life truly exists, it must be found and preserved for the sake of all living things.


There is more knowledge in the squirming of my prey than in all your dusty tomes.


"The roots of my noble family can be traced back to the Dragon Wars and beyond. Some of the treasures stolen by Kalladra to lure fortune-seekers into the dungeon came from my ancestors. The knowledge that the detestable beast Kalladra is still alive and in the midst of so much of my inheritance has vexed me my whole life. I will use all of my considerable abilities to ensure that Kalladra deprives my family of our heirlooms no longer." #enter Long ago, Challara’s ancestors lost their most priceless heirlooms to a vile dragon. Though her family endured, the indignity of the theft has weighed on Challara since her youth. She left her home and tamed the dragon Brightblaze to flaunt her superiority over her ancient enemy, and one day she will march on the evil dragon’s hoard to prove her skills and reclaim her family’s valuables with interest. For now, however, Challara and Brightblaze support the search for another treasure: the branch from the Tree of Life!


One Man's Trash

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 1 -

22% Won (Heroes) 22% Won (Heroes)
78% Won (Overlord) 78% Won (Overlord)

Bonds of the Wild

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 -

67% Won (Heroes) 67% Won (Heroes)
33% Won (Overlord) 33% Won (Overlord)


Deep Elves

dark cave

1% 1% of Encounters


hot cursed

2% 2% of Encounters


building cave

2% 2% of Encounters