Stewards of the Secret Campaign

An overview of all components related to this campaign.

Long ago, the mad sorcerer Devis sought to create loyal and terrible minions. The result of his experiments were creatures that terrorized the countryside until heroes rose to put them down. These heroes defeated the sorcerer and used a forbidden rite to seal his knowledge within their own minds, thus creating the order of the Stewards. While the knowledge was thus protected, even with the dead wizard's notes before them, none would be able to follow in Devis' footsteps. Now an old evil rises to oppose the Stewards and will stop at nothing to obtain the secret that they have guarded for so long.


Nanok of the Blade

Some fools cower behind metal, thinking the purpose of battle is survival.

Truthseer Kel

Some say they've seen the whole of Terrinoth. They are blind.

Powerful and strange, the young sorceress, Kel, is a mystery to those around her. Many fools have sealed their fate by believing her blindness is equivalent to weakness. Aside from the vibrant displays of magic she wields, Kel shows an innate ability to look beyond the events of the present. Whether she is answering a question that has not yet been asked or predicting the actions of her enemies, Kel is a disturbingly helpful ally.

Okaluk and Rakash

I will follow where you lead, old friend. But let us go swiftly!


My sisters have given me everything. I seek only to return that favor.


Stewards of the Secret

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 1 -

26% Won (Heroes) 26% Won (Heroes)
74% Won (Overlord) 74% Won (Overlord)

Bloodspire of Devis

Avg. playtime: 3 hours

Act 2 -

75% Won (Heroes) 75% Won (Heroes)
25% Won (Overlord) 25% Won (Overlord)


Blood Apes

hot cave

1% 1% of Encounters


cave water


0% 0% of Encounters


water cave

immobilized poisoned

0% 0% of Encounters