Shards of Everdark Campaign

An overview of all components related to this campaign.


One Fist

I didn't get the hook after losing my hand. I forfeited my hand to make room for the hook!

Arvel Worldwalker

My quest remains unsatisfied - the search for a problem to which I am not the answer!


At end of ages, Karnon remain: ever strong, ever alone.


Friends are an awful lot like foes. Neither knows when to get out of my way.


Shards of Everdark

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 1 -

63% Won (Heroes) 63% Won (Heroes)
38% Won (Overlord) 38% Won (Overlord)

Host of Everdark

Avg. playtime: 3 hours and 30 min

Act 2 -

60% Won (Heroes) 60% Won (Heroes)
40% Won (Overlord) 40% Won (Overlord)


Dark Minotaurs

civilized dark

0% 0% of Encounters

Ice Wyrms

cold cave

0% 0% of Encounters


cursed cold

0% 0% of Encounters