Guardians of Deephall Campaign

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The stronghold of Deephall was once home to a thriving, peaceful community, but now, the mountain city lies under constant threat of invasion. A horde of undead, led by dark priests, attacks Deephall constantly. These unending attacks deplete the city's guards and erode the peoples' resolve. Four heroes are all that stands between Deephall and the city's extinction.


Lord Hawthorne

None fall faster than they that flee.

Years ago, Lord Hawthorne and his men lay under siege in Seragart. When they poured from the city gates in a final sortie, few expected victory. But the throng of barbarians fell beneath Lord Hawthorne’s blade, leaving their sorcerous warlord scrambling to retreat. Lord Hawthorne pursued the rout and closed in on the dark mage, but only severed a corner of his cloak. Lord Hawthorne swore then that his opponents would never again escape his blade. He has never broken his oath, and now he has sworn to protect the city of Deephall or die in the attempt!


Prejudice is only a mask for jealousy.

Mordrog has long fought to defend Terrinoth, but no matter how many monsters he slays, he remains unable to teach humans the true superiority of orcish nature. From his hunts in the Mountains of Despair to battles before Nerekhall’s gates, his accomplishments are ignored in favor of inferior human heroes. Such prejudice does not trouble Mordrog, however. He simply pities the humans for their weakness and lack of warrior spirit. When Mordrog picks his target, he pursues it with dogged tenacity and unrelenting force.


Don't worry... I'll just be right around the corner.

In her work as an assassin, she only killed at dawn. The sunset before the assassination, her victims received a scrap of paper bearing the image of her iconic blade. Many mistook this sigil as a last warning, a final opportunity to flee or make amends. But after a long night of futile flight or pleading, Silhouette materialized at daybreak, a dark figure shrouded in the brilliance of the rising sun. Though she sports a checkered past, she now turns her skills against the minions of the overlord, eager to defend the innocent people of Deephall.


Why be only one man when I have the power to be many?

As the youngest of seven brothers, Sahla spent much of his childhood imitating his elder siblings. When he was only fourteen, he set out on a pilgrimage of self-discovery to the Blessed Valley, and while drinking from a stream, he saw his own reflection fade from the water. From that moment, he knew that healing other’s afflictions and drawing upon their strengths led to his fullest power.


Guardians of Deephall

Avg. playtime: 1 hour and 30 min

Act 1 -

42% Won (Heroes) 42% Won (Heroes)
58% Won (Overlord) 58% Won (Overlord)

The Curse of Iona

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 2 -

67% Won (Heroes) 67% Won (Heroes)
33% Won (Overlord) 33% Won (Overlord)


Crypt Dragons

dark cursed


1% 1% of Encounters

Dark Priests

civilized cursed

1% 1% of Encounters


cold cave

1% 1% of Encounters