Visions of Dawn Campaign

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The ogres and trolls of Terrinoth have long warred between themselves, keeping them from presenting any threat to organized armies. But now, a truce has been forged, sworn on the skull of Ig'thalea, the warrior-priestess who shattered the last alliance between ogres and trolls. A foul army of ogres and trolls will sweep across Terrinoth unless a small band of heroes ends this alliance before it truly begins.



We are feared, we are despised, yet still I am called to help?

Screams of terror are nothing unique for Ispher: they follow him to each new town and village. He has been mistaken for a bandit, a monster, and most memorably, the incarnation of a spirit that ate disobedient children. Often attacked or turned away, only the wise find a brilliant healer with a caustic sense of humor. No stranger to irony, Ispher has commonly saved those who mocked him just an hour earlier. Now, Ispher has but one goal: to use his arts to destroy the true, unbridled cruelty of the overlord.

Master Thorn

I walk the unseen paths, those that were never meant for the feet of men.

It is an honor for any acolyte from the order of Kellos to serve in the Vynelvalve cathedral. There, Master Thorn's faith and magical prowess bloomed underneath the lessons of his betters. But when he claimed to be receiving visions and guidance from Kellos himself, the priests labeled him a liar and cast him from their order. Now, Master Thorn walks the path his god reveals to him, whether it's on this plane or the next.

Sir Valadir

Stay close. I've got the bigger sword.

As an inspiration to his companions, Sir Valadir is responsible not just for the safety of his comrades' bodies, but also for their waning spirits. In the face of unthinkable horrors, he is the first to proclaim that there is no way his allies' bones will join those of the heroes who surely came before. Of course, Sir valadir has developed a certain reputation among adventurers, and though he's never heard it himself, he is quite confident it must be impeccable.

Nara the Fang

Take your lessons from the wind: swift and constant striking as a howling gale.

Nara the Fang emerged from the darkness one night, a masked avenger driving bandits and rogues away from a loose collection of country villages. Suspicious and grateful in turns, the inhabitants of these settlements have made Nara a heated topic of gossip. They swear she can leap from rooftop to rooftop as she dispenses violent justice against the transgressor. Her true identity is frequently debated. The only hint comes from Nara’s namesake – her own missing fang. Now, the newly forged alliance between ogres and trolls threatens the villages that Nara has sworn to protect. She’ll do whatever it takes to destroy these monsters and safeguard her people.



Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 1 -

22% Won (Heroes) 22% Won (Heroes)
78% Won (Overlord) 78% Won (Overlord)

Visions of Dawn

Avg. playtime: 2 hours

Act 2 -

60% Won (Heroes) 60% Won (Heroes)
40% Won (Overlord) 40% Won (Overlord)



wilderness dark


1% 1% of Encounters


building cave

1% 1% of Encounters


mountain cave


1% 1% of Encounters